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Arapaima – the biggest freshwater predator on earth !

The living fossil

The living fossil: Arapaima.

Over 6 feet and 100 kilo our Arapaima “Gigabite”

Over 6 feet and 100 kilo our Arapaima “Gigabite”. Arapaimas are the largest freshwater predator on earth!

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Feeding Arapaima !

Request of members of the “Bohol Koi Lovers Club”, here it is: Feeding Arapaima !

Gold Arapaima

Gold Arapaima

An old photo of our golden Arapaima, hardly hidden from falling rocks at the big earthquake 2013. After 6 months (!) feeding break and a total loss of trust (and one third of her weight) she started through, thanks God, and is now another 6 months later fully recovered and nearly hit the gigantic 200pounds mark!